Wedding place cards to make the occasion special

The place cards are used to specify where a guest should be present at the occasion. The wedding banquet might have pre-decided sitting arrangements. The cards by default hold the name of the guest and the number of the table or tent assigned for them. The most frequent option of the wedding place card would be the venture of adding style and design to it.

Why should you have a wedding place card?

The place cards serve in identifying the visitor who otherwise would be difficult to spot. The respective guests can be taken to their consigned settlement seats. This helps in knowing the person by name and location. Certain weddings have double place cards based on the menu at which the food is been served.

The wedding place cards can be made in an exciting manner by including the ceremony theme into it. The well-groomed wedding place cards can be developed by using a unique style and creativity.  Simple and elegant frames can twofold the place card holder. There are many styles for the photo frames. The outlay ranges from beach styles, black and white formal layouts, crystal baroques to fashionable gold and silver frames.  The place cards need to be kept on the uniquely fashioned holder. This becomes a glamorous solution to the seating problem.

wedding place cards

The name of the guest can be calligraphed on a napkin. This enables the conception of custom made place cards. Apart from cloth or velvet, a paper craft can further more be chosen to suit the wedding stationeries. This gives a cohesive look to the table.

Types of place cards

Most weddings have a theme, so the place card holder is capable of been incorporated into the topic.  For a garden theme, a miniature bird cage can enact as the holder or for a beach wedding an Adirondack stool can be the receptacle. In an elegant outdoor wedding it is sensible to have a paper fan tied with the name tag. The colour and size of the paper can be decided according to the wedding décor. This doubles the wedding favour and spirit. The place setting of the wedding place card is improvised by the coasters. This intentionally increases the weight of the holder. The coaster can moreover be decided according to the theme of the wedding. One of the craziest types of place cards would be the planted ones. The cards can be lodged into potted plants or vases that are placed on the tables.  A diminutive clip can be used to attach the card onto the vessel.

If the organiser is extremely amped to traditional designs, then the tent style or cardstock tags include the personal style onto the cards. The origami hearts can direct the guests to their seats. This emphasises a heartfelt motion to the visitors. Meaningful quotes of inspiration can be imprinted on the card, this personalises the wedding message to each individual guest.

Place cards provide extensive help on the seating arrangement. It can establish harmony and an effective communication among the guests. The wedding place cards add extra touch to the big day.